Entry #4

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

2008-10-15 04:34:14 by MidniteSally

Last week, Jay, our animator, had his laptop die on him. Unfortunately, he lost his copy of Flash along with it.

We've been trying to get a new copy of Flash over at the Black and Blue Media offices, but at the moment, that's going to have to take a back seat.

The good news is Midnite Videos is still doing ok. The first 15 minutes are still free.

Please wish us luck.

Midnite Sally

Experiencing Technical Difficulties


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2008-10-15 06:01:04

Experiencing .... Lack of a Bikini Top - LOL

Hozit Girl...say hi with both arms (haha)

naa naa naa just kid


2008-10-15 06:05:59

Funny you should mention Ashlyn Brooke

http://jakbaronking.newgrounds.com/ne ws/post/145199


2008-10-15 17:10:44

I submitted Sally's Strange Rash to Treasure Huint 2008. It is on page 34.

MidniteSally responds:

We actually crossed paths with Sharon Mitchell at Henri Pachard's memorial (man was that weird, I've never been to a Buddhist funeral). She loved the idea, but still hasn't seen the video (Dr. Mitchell is a very busy woman).

We most likely won't remake Sally's Strange Rash, but if I pick up something more serious, we may ask Sharon to voiceover the next doctor's visit. :-)

Midnite Sally