Our first Midnite Report in Flash

2008-09-11 02:16:13 by MidniteSally

I'm so nervous! We've gone over the rules several times and while we're not in complete violation, we may be pushing our luck. Everyone's got their fingers crossed.

Getting everything together was 10 times harder than we thought it would be, and my lips still aren't synched just right.

It's amazing for how active the porn industry is, how little real news comes out. The New Sensations announcement was a blessing and Bare Bowling just happened to come at the right time.

Now it's on to writing our Midnite Report for next week!

(Special thanks to Newgrounds of course, and our friend Craig C. for providing the intro music).

Midnite Sally
Midnite Videos Spokes Toon

Our first Midnite Report in Flash


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2008-09-11 03:57:32

post nude pics


2008-09-13 12:00:39

Ignore the 15-year-old above me.

Do not worry about the rules too much. They are much looser than they seem. Basically, if what you make is good then the rules can be bent.