Entry #1

Picked up a weird STD on the set

2008-08-04 18:19:05 by MidniteSally

While working on a shoot a few weeks ago, I picked up this strange rash, and it just won't go away. It's red and white, and itches like hell. I'd even swear it was moving.

I'm going over to the clinic later today to get it checked out.

Picked up a weird STD on the set


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2008-08-04 18:36:12

Hum. Well, welcome to Newgrounds, strange lady.


2008-08-05 08:39:13

Yeah, you might have syphillis. Hope you got that checked out.


2008-08-13 20:16:18

what wilker said.


2008-09-13 11:57:04

Just wait. The diseases on Newgrounds are WAY worse than those you are used to.